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Types and characteristics of high density storage shelf system

Edit:HaoTe View:1518 Date:2021-09-02

High density storage shelf system refers to the storage shelf type that can be densely arranged in multiple rows or cells instead of ordinary back-to-back arrangement,

Most high-density storage shelves are mainly accessed by mechanical equipment, and some can be accessed manually; The access mode of goods can be divided into FIFO or FIFO, and can be integrated with ERP system according to the needs of enterprise operation.

According to different structures, the high-density storage shelf system can be divided into: narrow roadway shelf, drive in shelf, beam shelf, double depth shelf, gravity shelf, shuttle shelf and electric mobile shelf that Haote has suspended production in recent years; In addition to the electric mobile shelves, which can store lighter products, other shelves belong to heavy storage shelves, which are generally used to store a small variety and a large number of products. They are commonly used in food, packaging, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

Advantages of high density storage shelf system:

1. The utilization rate of warehouse space is high, which is 2-5 times that of ordinary shelf space;

2. High storage efficiency and low storage error rate;

3. Reduce labor intensity and save money.

At present, high-density storage shelf system has been applied in all walks of life to solve different storage needs for enterprises, and Haote also believes that there will be more choices for enterprises in the future.