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Shuttle shelf access mode and its characteristics

Edit:HaoTe View:1440 Date:2021-09-02

Shuttle truck shelf is a set of storage shelf system composed of shelf, shuttle truck and forklift. It can greatly improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse, increase the utilization rate of 40% of the traditional storage shelves to 80%, and the storage and retrieval efficiency is 2-3 times that of the drive in shelf. In addition, the shuttle shelf can meet different storage requirements. In this paper, Haote Suzhou shelf is to share the access modes and characteristics that the shuttle shelf can meet.

1、 First in first out mode (FIFO)

Goods are stored at one end of the roadway and taken out at the other end. This mode can be used as a buffer zone for two areas or suitable for fixed goods storage. When the roadway is not full, the shuttle will re discharge into the row of pallets to make them closely arranged to store more pallets.


1. It can realize sequential access to logistics and meet the basic requirements of general logistics;

2. Realize the partition operation of logistics access and optimize the on-site management;


1. Forklift channels shall be set at both ends of the shelf;

2. The storage rate is lower than last in first out;

2、 First in last out mode (Filo)

This is a common mode of goods access. Goods are accessed at the same end of the roadway. If there is no special demand, the pallet does not need to be moved.


1. The storage area can be used to the greatest extent by only accessing on one side of the shelf;

2. It is more suitable for places where the sequence of material in and out is required;


1. Unable to issue materials in order;

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the two access modes of shuttle shelves. More information about shuttle shelves can be queried on the Suzhou storage shelf page of Haote Suzhou shelf official website, or consult Haote 7 * 24-hour service hotline: 4006 0512 56